How To Open Your Garage During a Power Outage | GOLDMARK Property Management

Have you ever come home or tried to leave when the power is out and you can’t open your garage door? Power outages happen. Unfortunately, you may need to get your car into or out of your garage when there is an outage. But how do you get in if you have an electric garage door opener?  Don’t get frustrated. You can follow these simple steps to use the emergency garage door release and gain entry into your garage, even if there is no electrical power.


Follow these steps to use the quick release option on your garage:


1. Insert your garage key into the quick release lock, usually located in the top panel of your garage door. 


2. Turn the key and pull the lock out. Give a quick, downward tug to disengage the door from the chain located inside your garage.


3. Slowly push and lift up on the door to open your garage.


4. Do what you need to do in your garage. 


5. Reengage the garage door.

There are two common types of garage systems. One has a red cord hanging from the garage mechanics, and the other does not. Identify which type you have, and continue to the next steps to reengage your garage door with the system.

Garage Type A – with a red cord

Pull the red cord to reconnect the door with the chain. You’ll hear the latch connect when it has been reengaged.

Garage Type B – no red cord

        Once power is restored, you’ll have to reset the chain to the door. To do so, press your garage door button once. As it runs, it will reconnect the door with the chain.


5. Now, you can close your garage door.


6. Reinsert the quick release mechanism back into the garage door. Turn the key to lock the quick release system.


Here is a quick video tutorial about the emergency release process. If you have any questions, or need help, reach out to your apartment office.