2018 Annual Meeting: Years of Service Honorees

2018 Annual Meeting: Years of Service Honorees

Each year at our Annual Meeting, a time for all GOLDMARK team members to gather to celebrate another great year, we recognize team members for their commitment to serving at GOLDMARK with a Years of Service Awards program. Each milestone year, team members receive a gift card and an additional day of paid time off.

73 team members celebrated their one year anniversary at GOLDMARK. Team members stood to be recognized by fellow team members.

51 team members celebrated 3 years of service. Team member were called to the stage to be recognized.

Danny Ayoub
Miguel Baltazar-Ramirez
Josh Bode
Cory Burton
Veronica Byrd
Krista Caldwell
Nolan Clarke
Linda Conroy
Gerry David
Shane Downing
Zemir Dzanic
Scot Elert
Nick Fast
John Fletcher
Cheryl Gallo
Ray Goettl
Quinne Goodwin-Chaffee
Tom Gudvangen
Shelli Hannon
Steve Heier
Mike Koppang
Derek Kremer
Jon Lamont
Guille Leguizamon
Dave Lepper
Jim Lica
Sharon Lund
Ron Madison
Bobby Madison
Liz Menke
Gregg Miller
Ken Mix
Michael Nelson
Denim Ottum
Wade Paterson
Erika Payan
Bill Pelkey
Bill Prate
Jen Raveling
Amy Roubinek
Jesus Ruiz
Wanda Sauer
Juli Stephenson
Chris Stockton
Kim Tedesco
Peter Thier
Melanie Weiland
Amanda Wenisch
Nan Woodall
Doug Zincke

14 team members celebrated 5 years of service with GOLDMARK.

Carissa Aanenon
Della Alick
Doug Bloomquist
Andy Campbell
Bryan Fadness
Beth Fennern
Kevin Frovarp
Randi Hartman
Anne Johnson
Bri Otteson
Brook Reinowski
Randy Swanson
Amanda York

5 team members celebrated 10 years.

Dave Bortle  -  Dave joined GOLDMARK June 4, 2007 as a Maintenance Tech in Fargo. Over the years with GOLDMARK Dave has worked at various sites, and currently provides maintenance to the Southgate Site Office.

Bill Hall - Bill joined GOLDMARK August 9, 2007 as a Maintenance Tech in Fargo, promoted to Senior Maintenance Tech, and in 2008 promoted to Maintenance Supervisor. In 2010, Bill became the Warehouse Manager, and 2015 promoted to Director of Maintenance Management. He then took on the role of Regional Maintenance and Facilities Project Manager for Des Moines/Omaha. Today, Bill is a Maintenance Manager in Fargo.

Ozzie Mejia- Ozzie joined GOLDMARK February 19, 2007 as a Maintenance Tech in Minneapolis. Ozzie has been working at the Deer Park Site Office since 2014.

Jim Motis – Jim joined GOLDMARK August 28, 2007 as a Maintenance Tech in Fargo. In 2015, Jim was promoted to Sr. Maintenance Tech, and currently works at the West Lake Site office.

Arden Shulstad - Arden joined GOLDMARK January 15, 2007 as a Maintenance Tech in Fargo. In 2012, Arden was promoted to Sr. Maintenance Tech, and currently provides maintenance at the Park West Gardens site office

5 team members celebrated 15 years of service.

Jason Anderson – Jason joined GOLDMARK April 9, 2002 as a Leasing Specialist, promoted to Site Manager in 2006, and is currently the Site Manager at the Columbia West site office in Grand Forks.

Jamie Bergseth – Jamie joined GOLDMARK May 7, 2002 as a Leasing Specialist. Jamie was promoted to Operations Support Assistant at the Home office in 2006, and in 2015 promoted to Project Administrator providing support to the Fargo Project Managers.

Joe Diekman – Joe joined GOLDMARK August 15, 2002 as a Maintenance Tech in Minneapolis. In 2005, was promoted to Commercial Maintenance Tech, and in 2009 promoted to Maintenance Supervisor for the Mpls MT team. In 2015, Joe was promoted and named Project Manager in Minneapolis.

Dale Hellevang – Dale joined GOLDMARK September 23, 2002 as the Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Learning & Development at the Fargo Home Office. Prior to his hire date, Dale was a Consultant for GOLDMARK for about 2 years.

Kevin Mullin – Kevin joined GOLDMARK December 20, 2002 as a Maintenance Tech in Fargo. Kevin held a variety of positions in Maintenance, from Preventative, to Maintenance Manager, to Regional Maintenance Manager for Fargo commercial, preventative and projects. Today Kevin is currently the Facilities Specialist based in Fargo.

One team member celebrated 20 years with GOLDMARK in 2017.

Angela Rosenfeldt – Angela joined GOLDMARK in 1997 as a Leasing Specialist in Fargo. In 1998, was promoted to Site Manager for the Maplewood Bend Site Office in Fargo and has been at this site since hired.

2 very special team members celebrated 25 years with GOLDMARK!

Melissa Beyl -  Melissa joined GOLDMARK December 1, 1992, as a Property Accountant, and in 2003, promoted to Manager/Payroll in the Accounting department, and today is the Director of Accounting at the Fargo Home Office overseeing 2 Senior Property Accountants, and 7 Property Accountants.

Janice Ames - Jan joined GOLDMARK October 1, 1992 as the Executive Administrative Assistant to Ken Regan, Owner of GOLDMARK. Jan also provides assistance to our other owners, Jim Wieland, Dale Lian, and Jim Echtenkamp.

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An enormous thank you to all of our amazing team members. We're so happy to have such an amazing GOLDMARK family!