Winter Olympics Wellness Challenge Recap

Winter Olympics Wellness Challenge Recap

To celebrate the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, our wellness program introduced a new challenge to get team members moving!

The goal? With a partner, make the 6,000 mile trek from Fargo to PyeongChang by March 4th. This equates to each individual exercising at least 15 minutes a day to reach the host city in 47 days.

From January 15th until March 4th, team members were encouraged to track their daily exercise minutes, and convert those minutes into miles to count for their journey. 15 minutes of exercise equaled 60 miles.

Team members were able to track their mileage online to see how far along the journey they were compared to other teams who were racing for gold.

Between the 15 participating teams, the total distance traveled was 139,692 miles! That’s equivalent to 34,923 minutes of exercise over 47 days!

Everyone is looking forward to the next challenge, Ripped & Lean, a weight loss challenge.