Top 10 Things To Do Before Moving Out of Your Apartment

Top 10 Things To Do Before Moving Out of Your Apartment

Moving can be a busy and stressful time in your life. You have so many things going on from packing and cleaning to signing paperwork and coordinating help on moving day.

We compiled a list of things people often forget to do when they are moving out of their apartment. This move out checklist will guide you through important steps you should take before handing over the keys.

1. Schedule a Move Out Appointment

Contact your apartment community office a few weeks before you move to schedule a move out appointment. At your move out appointment, you'll walk through your apartment with a leasing team member to assess cleaning condition and any damages. It is recommended that you are present for your move out appointment so you are aware of the results.

2. Utilities

Your utilities will need to remain on and in your name until the end of your lease responsibility, regardless of when you actually move out. Contact the utility company to tell them when to switch it out of your name. Make sure to provide a forwarding address for final billing.

3. Check Your Mail

Make sure you check your mail one last time before handing over your mailbox key.

4. Change Your Address with the Post Office

Complete a change of address form with the post office to ensure your mail will be forwarded to your new home address. You can go to your nearest post office, or better yet, change in online right now before you forget! Find the online form here:

5. Provide a Forwarding Address

Want to get your deposit back quickly? Give your new address to your apartment community office to make sure your deposit check, and any other important information gets to you quickly.

6. Return All Keys

As mentioned before, you'll turn in all of your keys at your move out appointment. Make sure you have any and all keys ready to hand over. This includes any key fobs, all keys for your mailbox, controlled access doors, and if applicable, all of your roommate's keys.

7. Don't Forget Your Garage Door Opener

In addition to your keys, don't forget to return you garage door opener. Garage door openers can often be left in your vehicle and get forgotten when moving out.

8. Stop Automatic Payments

If you have set up an online automatic payment service, make sure to cancel your payments after you have paid your last month's rent to stop automatic future payments.

9. Set Your Heat

If you are moving out in the winter months, do not turn off your heat! Rather, set the heat to approximately 60 degrees or at the bottom of the 'comfort zone' indicated on your thermostat.

10. Strategically Pack Things Early On

By packing up things you don't use often, you can reduce your stress when it comes to the final days before the move. Use the last few days to pack up the things you use often.

Getting all of these things checked off of your list will ensure you are more prepared to move, and we all know being prepared lessens stress! For more tips to reduce moving stress, check out more articles on our blog.

Download our Move Out Checklist for keep track of all the to do's during your move out!