How to Prepare Your Apartment For Winter

How to Prepare Your Apartment For Winter

Whether you like it or not, winter is coming. Instead of curling into a ball under the blankets, start preparing now to help save money on your heat bill, and help keep your apartment free from disasters! No one wants to deal with frozen pipes that inevitably burst overnight or on the weekend.

Here is a short list of things to keep in mind as the cold approaches. Your wallet and apartment office will thank you!

1. Set Ceiling Fans to Circulate Clockwise.

Your ceiling fan can help save your money on your heat bill. By changing it to circulate clockwise, you push the warmer air around the room which makes you feel warmer without cranking the heat up. Read more about maximizing your ceiling fan.

2. Cover Your Air Conditioner With An Insulated Cover.

Your apartment should have an indoor cover for your wall air conditioner unit. Put the cover on the AC as soon as it starts to get chilly out to avoid the cool air from sneaking in. Talk to your apartment office if you do not have a cover.

3. Move Furniture and Other Personal Belongings Away from Baseboard Heaters.

By keeping your furniture and other stuff away from the baseboard heaters, you allow the heat to circulate the room more efficiently. When the heat can be pushed around the room instead of absorbed into your couch, the room will warm up faster and stay warm longer without having to max out your heater. If your heaters seem to be too hot even on a low setting, make sure to call your apartment office for maintenance.

4. Keep windows closed and locked at all times.

Keep your windows closed at all times to keep the warm in and the cold out. Locking the windows will create a tight seal ensuring no cool air can seep in. Opening your windows in the winter can cause the temperature to drop so significantly the water pipes in your apartment can freeze, expand and burst, creating a water disaster and causing damage in your apartment and the apartments below.

5. Keep snow in front of your garage shoveled.

You should keep 3 feet in front of your garage snow free. The snow plow cannot remove the snow immediately in front of your garage. By pushing the snow further into the parking lot, you're ensuring there won't be a huge snow pile keeping you from getting in or out of your garage.

6. Do not turn your heat off when leaving for extended periods of time.

Are you leaving your apartment for an extended period of time? Whether you are gone for a weekend getaway, or going on a 7 day vacation, make sure your heat stays on. If your apartment gets too cold, your water pipes can freeze, expand, and burst causing a water disaster.

7. Avoid using your oven to heat your home.

The heaters in your home should be enough to heat your apartment. Avoid using the oven as a heater. It is extremely dangerous and inefficient as an oven is made strictly for cooking food. If the heat doesn't seem to be working properly, contact maintenance or your apartment office.

Other Reminders

  • Call your apartment community office with any snow or ice concerns.
  • When your heat is on, and it feels too hot or too cold, please call your apartment office or maintenance.

Follow all of these steps and you'll not only save money on your heat bill, but you'll keep your apartment home safe for you and your neighbors. For additional tips and tricks, check out this article!