How to Clean Your A/C Filter

How to Clean Your A/C Filter

It’s finally summertime, and that means warmer weather! There’s not much that can ruin a beautiful summer day when you get to spend time outside, go to the pool, or enjoy barbecues, except walking into your apartment to find your air conditioner isn’t cooling properly. When you can’t cool off, it can ruin even the best of days.

There might be an easy fix when your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be cooling your apartment. One of the first troubleshooting steps is to make sure the A/C filter is clean.  If the filter has become clogged with dust, it does not allow sufficient air flow through your machine.

Most air conditioners have a removable filter with a screen similar to a dryer vent. (If you have a foam filter which is clogged, you may need to call your office for a replacement filter.)


Follow these quick and easy steps to get your air conditioner running efficiently and properly:


1. Turn off your ac unit, and remove the filter.

2.  Rinse with water. You can use a sponge or a toothbrush to gently clean the dust and dirt buildup.

3. Let filter air dry. Don’t use your air conditioner while the filter is out or when it is wet.

4. Insert filter, and turn on!



It’s that easy!

There are a few other things you should know to maximize the use of your air conditioner. For more information and helpful tips, read “7 Easy Tips to Maximize Your AC This Summer”.

If this initial troubleshooting step does not resolve your issue, contact your community office to request maintenance service.