Goldmark Support Habitat Dakota Blitz Build 3:10

Goldmark Support Habitat Dakota Blitz Build 3:10

Fargo Team Members took a day away from their offices to help Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity start their Dakota Blitz 3:10 Build. In just 10 days, the community is coming together to build 3 homes for 3 deserving families.

The eventful day consisted of sorting tools for upcoming volunteer groups, building and raising walls, and unloading trucks of scaffolding equipment.

The best part of the day was the opportunity to work alongside Alakiir, a recipient of one of the homes. Not only was it great to get to know her and hear about her journey, we also got a chance to reminisce on her time as a Goldmark resident. Alakiir and her 5 children are very excited to have their own home with a grassy backyard to play in and make many memories.

We can’t wait to celebrate with Alakiir when the homes are complete and her family is ready to move in!


View our introduction video interview with Alakiir.

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