How to Prepare for an Apartment Showing

How to Prepare for an Apartment Showing

You've been apartment hunting for awhile now. You've finally found a few you want to visit in person so you have schedule appointments to take a look. Are you prepared? Knowing what to expect before you arrive can help make the most out of your showing.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for your apartment showings.




Start an Apartment Hunting Worksheet - How many apartments have you been looking at? Do you remember off the top of your head how much rent and the deposit is? Do you remember which has a garage and which has reserved parking? Does one include heat, but not another?

Use our downloadable worksheet to keep the apartments you are looking at organized. Review your list before the showing so you have the details fresh in mind. Highlight features you must have and the amenities that would be nice to have. Make notes during your showing to keep your thoughts organized. You'll thank yourself later when reviewing the information.


Prepare a list of questions - Maybe the apartment listing didn't mention details about utilities or maybe you have specific needs regarding your lease terms. Apartment showings can go by fast, and you'll be focused on looking at the apartment rather than the details. Make sure to make a list of questions before you arrive to ensure you get the answers you're looking for and you don't forget important details.




Valid Photo Identification - Apartment offices will want to get a copy of your photo ID before taking you to out of the office to view an apartment. They're making sure if anything happens, someone knows who they were with. Don't take it personally; this is for their safety.


Required Application Information - Do you think you will sign a lease after you look at the apartment? If there is any possibility you will apply for the apartment, tyou should bring certain documents with you to make the application process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

1.  You already have your photo ID, right? Good - You'll need it.

2.  The addresses and phone numbers of previous rental agencies/landlords. You'll be asked for rental verification so you'll need to provide the contact information for any rental references for the past few years. If you lived in a private residence prior such as a dorm or a family member's home, that's ok!

3.  Pay stubs- For the income verification portion of your application, you'll need to provide your last two consecutive pay stub from your current employer(s).


Bank Account Information- If you think you may put in an application for the apartment, bring a checkbook, bank account information, and a credit or debit card. If you wish to put down a deposit or set up online banking, you should be prepared with all required and helpful information.


What's Next?

Now that you have what you need in order, check out our list of things you should know before moving in to help you make the big decision when selecting your next home.