Apartment Hunting Worksheet

Apartment Hunting Worksheet

Looking for the right apartment can be stressful, overwhelming and sometimes, frustrating. There are so many details to keep track of. From contact information to important details such as deposit and rent amount, pet policies, and other lease information. All the while, you're trying to plan a move! Let us help you control the chaos.

We created a printable worksheet to help you keep the information organized in one spot. Save the 1,531 sticky notes. Delete the screenshots of apartments you aren't even interested in anymore. This worksheet will help throughout your apartment hunt.


How to use the Apartment Hunting Worksheet:


Use this worksheet to track the apartments you are considering.

  • Fill out contact information for the apartment office for easy contact down the road for more questions, scheduling a showing, or finally setting a move-in date.


  • Consider highlighting the features that are non-negotiable. What things MUST you have in your next apartment home?


  • Check off or write down the important details as you go on showings or reach out for more information.


  • Make sure to use the "other" section for things that are important to you that aren't already on the list.


Using this worksheet will not only keep the stress down, you'll be able to make a better decision about your next home, and you'll be able to make it faster.




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