Goldmark contributes $5,000 to F5 Returning Citizens

Goldmark contributes $5,000 to F5 Returning Citizens

Goldmark Property Management donated $5,000 to F5 Project’s (F5) Returning Citizens who are reentering a society currently plagued by uncertainty.

The donation will go directly to formerly incarcerated people who are simultaneously facing the challenges of life in a pandemic and life after prison to help with the cost of housing and other essential needs.

Goldmark has been a local supporter to the F5 program over the past few years, and in 2019, Goldmark and F5 launched their official partnership with the Goldmark Thrive program. This program aims to help remove some of the barriers to entering housing by leveraging community partnerships and working together to help individuals find their homes.

Both organizations recognize and understand that securing stable housing is an essential piece to one’s success. “We have a product that everyone needs – a home, and we believe that everyone should have a place to call home” said Joel Thomsen, Goldmark Property Management’s CEO. “Partnering with local organizations like F5 for our Thrive program is essential. It allows a resident to have the support they need to be successful in maintaining stable housing.”

One Thrive resident expressed his gratitude for the help F5 has provided him in his journey of being a returning citizen and securing his own home: “F5 allowed me to establish myself in the community in a way I didn’t expect. They were riding alongside me from day one, helping me with finances, reaching short and long-term goals, and really just putting everything into perspective so that I would have a fighting chance.”

F5’s program and Goldmark’s Thrive program are about not only giving people second chances but bettering our community as a whole. “The support that F5 provides to us allows us to build a relationship with the resident and ensure a smooth transition for them into our community,” Area Manager Mindi Larson said. “The relationship with our partners, along with the residents is the golden nugget that makes our program successful. People feel known and a sense of belonging which inspires them to take ownership in caring for their new home as well as being a good tenant and member of the community.”

“Our relationship with Goldmark has been nothing short of a success story over and over again,” Adam Martin, F5 Project Founder said. “They were one of the first to take notice to F5’s thinking outside the box for housing and created the finish line for us.” Both organizations understand that it takes an entire community working together to help individuals create their success stories that make our community a better place in the long run. “We are only as good as our partners because people can’t stay in F5 houses forever,” Said Martin. “Goldmark allows us to continue the positive impact in people’s lives, and we have seen many people get into recovery, find stable housing and secure awesome employment. The biggest reward for all of us is watching the people we partnered to serve get their kids back and reconnect with their families.


F5 Project
F5 Project believes what happens in one’s past does not need to determine one’s future. With ongoing communication, safe and affordable housing, employment, healthy socialization and transportation, F5 helps transition citizens from confinement to a new life. Currently, F5 Project serves former offenders of Moorhead, Minnesota and Bismarck, Devils Lake, Dickinson, Fargo, Grand Forks, Harvey, Jamestown, Minot and Valley City, North Dakota.

Goldmark Property Management
Goldmark Property Management strives to create a better living for its customers and communities. They provide thousands of people a place to not only live, but a place to call home. Goldmark aims to build thriving communities by delivering exceptional service and care to both the residents and their homes daily and by joining forces with community partners in giving back. The company manages over 250 residential communities in ND, MN, NE and IA with over 16,300 units, and it serves over 30,000 residents.