How to Keep Your Apartment Warm and Costs Low During the Winter

How to Keep Your Apartment Warm and Costs Low During the Winter

It’s no secret that our Midwest winters can get brutally cold. With that comes a decrease in your apartment’s room temperature and an increase in your utility bill. We’ve put together a few steps you could take to keep your home feeling warm and cozy this season.

  1. Let the sunshine in

Although the sun may seem like it’s not doing much when the temperature falls below zero, it can actually help heat your space. Let natural light come into your home through the windows during the day and then pull down the shades at night to preserve the warmth.

  1. Cover your air conditioning unit

Wall mounted air conditioning units can sometimes let out your heat. The easiest way to keep your unit from doing this is to place the air conditioning cover on it inside your apartment during the colder months.

  1. Increase the humidity

Humidity can make your apartment feel warmer and can keep the air from becoming too dry. You can increase your space’s humidity by purchasing a humidifier, leaving the bathroom door open while you shower, or placing containers of water on elevated surfaces.

  1. Bundle up

One of the simplest ways to stay warm during the winter is to throw on your warmest sweater, some fuzzy socks, and cuddle up with your favorite blanket. Dressing warm is obvious when leaving your house, but why not give it a try indoors.

  1. Keep furniture 6 inches away from heaters

Make sure all furniture is at least 6 inches away from heaters to allow the heat to properly fill your rooms. Furniture can often block the heat from travelling away from heaters and prevent them from thoroughly heating. If your heater is not working at all or unable to maintain temperatures near 70 degrees, call your office to request maintenance.

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