June 2021 Top Performers

June 2021 Top Performers

Each month we recognize and celebrate the top performing individual(s) on site for Leasing, Maintenance, and Renewals! June was a busy month, and through all the curve balls thrown their way, these top performers excelled in their area of expertise.

June Leasing Leader: Sheldon

Sheldon was promoted to Property Manager at Sierra Ridge in July 2021 and continues to grow within the Goldmark family. He has been successful in every single role! Sheldon said this about his success. "What makes me successful would have to be my drive for success and having a great team and teacher in my career. My constant strive to outdo myself every month keeps me motivated. Being in this career path allows me to help grow my family and have a successful career." Thanks for all you do, Sheldon!


June Leasing Leader: Allie

Allie has been a Leasing Leader multiple times and recently accepted the position as the Assistant Property Manager at Urban Plains in Fargo. Her Regional Manager, Cydni, had this to say about her. "Allie continues to amaze us with her ability to perform at a top level while helping manage a site that is short staffed. She recently accepted her new role as APM and continues to show us why she deserves it. She works hard and never complains. We would be lost without her!"


June Maintenance Leader: Devin Tersteeg

Devin Tersteeg was recently promoted to Lead Maintenance Tech for Fargo Sector 3. He is passionate about improving our communities and ensuring our residents have a safe and well maintained place to live. He is also a patient and knowledgeable trainer. Some of us suspect that his work order completion speed may be partially attributed to the rare need for a step ladder - he is truly head and shoulders above the average tech!


June Renewal Leader: Parkview Estates

The Parkview Estates Team is outstanding at creating and maintaining great relationships with their residents. This team takes pride in delivering consistent customer service each and every day! Keri, Lisa, and Doug all play a role in continuing to be a renewal leader for yet another month. Awesome job, Parkview!


Thank you to all you do to serve our residents, owners, and Goldmark team members.