Stonebridge Ranks in 2021 Elite 1% ORA Power Ranking

Stonebridge Ranks in 2021 Elite 1% ORA Power Ranking

Congratulations to Stonebridge on being among the Elite 1% of properties in the nation with the best online reputation for 2021 by J Turner Research, the leading market research firm exclusively serving the multifamily industry. A total of 1,564 properties made the ORA® Elite 1% list out of 128,000 properties total. To be eligible for the Elite 1%, a property must have a minimum ORA® Score of 94 and have at least 20 online reviews.

What is the ORA® Score?

The Online Reputation Assessment (ORA) Score is a multifamily industry standard to measure and benchmark a property’s online reputation. J Turner Research compiles a property’s ratings across various review sites into a single score on a scale of 0 to 100. The ORA® Score was developed by J Turner Research to simplify how online reputation is measured. It also serves as the multifamily industry standard to measure a property's online reputation. This score is determined by a statistical model developed by J Turner and the national average ORA® Score is 61.56.

What is rated?

A property’s reviews across various review sites are evaluated. This information allows J Turner to accurately provide an ORA® Score for each property. This score is based solely on the experience shared by residents and visitors. 

ORA® Rankings are published regularly on the Multifamily Executive website. Check out the full article regarding the 2021 Elite 1% ORA® Power Rankings.