5 Easy Ways to Get Your Deposit Back | GOLDMARK Property Management

We know your goal is to get your security deposit back when you move. You spend your time scrubbing, wiping and washing everything; yet there are things almost everyone forgets to do before their move out inspection. While they’re easy to take care of, many are often overlooked and can result in unwanted charges. We don’t want you to forget these super easy tasks!

Here are theĀ 5 common things that people typically forget to do before their move out inspection.


1. Inspect Smoke Alarms

Make sure all smoke alarms are intact and the batteries are working.


2. Don’t Do All Repairs

While you may think you can avoid charges by filling holes left by screws or nails yourself, often the opposite is true. If you improperly fill the holes, you can result in additional maintenance charges for fixing and refiling.


3. Outdoor Maintenance

If the following areas have been your responsibility to maintain while living in your apartment or townhome, don’t forget to mow your lawn and shovel and/or sweep your sidewalks, steps, driveway, and garage.


4. Check for Everything

Leaving behind your belongings in the apartment or garage may result in charges for hauling and discarding of items. Make sure to properly dispose of your things. Not all items can be thrown in the building dumpster.


5. Clean Behind Appliances

Don’t forget to pull your fridge and oven away from the wall and cabinets to sweep and mop underneath and behind. A lot can collect in the nooks and cracks over a year!


Other Reminders:

  • It is in your best interest to be present for your move out inspection.
  • Forgot to grab your silverware or empty a drawer? Bring a extra bag with just in case!
  • Make sure you complete the tasks on our Move Out Checklist before moving day!