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Rent Payment Options

Free Online Portal

Our Resident Services portal provides free online payment options from your bank account. Make a one-time payment or set it and forget it with recurring automatic payments.

Each resident is provided their own individual login. Check your email or contact your office for your registration code to get started.

Credit Card

Prefer to pay with your VISA, Discover, or MasterCard? RentPayment offers our residents a quick and easy online option or call toll-free at 866-289-5977.

NOTE: When paying with a credit card, there is a convenience fee assessed by RentPayment for their services. Their rate is 2.95% for credit cards and 1% for debit cards, with a $4.95 minimum.


Check or Money Order

We also accept check or money orders. Please make it payable to GOLDMARK.

Make sure your name, address, and apartment number are clearly identified on your payment.

Bring your payment to your office. Many offices provide a drop box option if you stop by outside of office hours.

If you mail it, please allow enough time to ensure it arrives by the payment due date.

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