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Goldmark’s Thrive Program provides residents the opportunity to conveniently work where you liveCheck out our current openings and apply online.

Rent Payment Options

Online Resident Portal

Our Resident Services portal provides free online payment options from your bank account. Make a one-time payment or set it and forget it with recurring automatic payments.

Each resident is provided their own individual login. Check your email or contact your office for your registration code to get started.

Resident Portal FAQs

Credit Card

Prefer to pay with your VISA, Discover, or MasterCard? RentPayment offers our residents a quick and easy online option or call toll-free at 866-289-5977.

NOTE: When paying with a credit card, there is a convenience fee assessed by RentPayment for their services. Their rate is 2.95% for credit cards and 1% for debit cards, with a $4.95 minimum.


Check or Money Order

We also accept check or money orders. Please make it payable to GOLDMARK.

Make sure your name, address, and apartment number are clearly identified on your payment.

Payments can be mail to Goldmark, 1707 Gold Dr S Ste 200, Fargo, ND 58103. Please postmark by the 1st of the month.

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I've been impacted by COVID-19. What resources are available to me?

This is a challenging time for all of us. Here are quick links to several resources to help you.

What if I've experienced income loss due to COVID-19 and am unable to pay my rent?

We understand that COVID-19 is not just a public health emergency; it is an economic emergency as well. In addition to trying to protect our health during this global pandemic, many are now in the predicament of facing financial hardship due to school and business closures.

To support our communities in this unprecedented time, we have expanded our payment options for residents experiencing income loss due to COVID-19. Please contact your Community Office for details. We’ve also put together a list of several other resources to help you during this time.

Resident Portal Registration

Where can I find my registration code?

If we have your email on file, your code will get emailed to you on the 25th of each month.  If you did not receive an email, please contact your community office to provide your email address. They can also directly provide you the registration code.

Why do I need a registration code?

The registration code associates you to your apartment account so that things like your payments get applied to you correctly. Registration codes are unique to every member of your lease agreement.

I am having issues registering. Who can I contact?

Our Web Services team is available to help with your Resident Portal login during regular business hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.  You can reach them at or (701) 235-2920.

Please provide them with your name, property name, apartment number and details regarding the issue you are experiencing such as the step you were on and any error messages.  If sending an email, screen shots of any error messages is helpful.

Do I need an email address to access the portal?

Yes. Your email address is your username and is used to communicate information regarding your account. If you do not have an email address, you can create one using free services such as Google Gmail or an email service of your choice.

Resident Portal Communication Options

What type of info is sent via SMS Text?

We limit SMS text communications to urgent notices and important reminders. Examples include: unscheduled power or water shut offs, parking restrictions for scheduled snow plowing, scheduled inspection reminders, etc.

How do I sign up for SMS text notifications from my community office?

Log into our resident portal. Click on the home icon to go to your home screen. Then enter your phone number into the SMS Alerts box and choose Opt In.

Not seeing it there?  Click on the person icon to go to your profile. Then click the Edit Profile button. Check the box next to Allow Text (SMS) Notifications and enter your in your Mobile Phone for Texts (SMS). Then click the Update Profile button.


What is Voice Messaging?

We can prerecord a message to deliver to residents. Your phone will ring and when you answer (or your voicemail picks up) the recording will play the message.  This is reserved for urgent notices and important reminders.

How do I sign up for Voice Messaging?

Log into our resident portal. Click on the person icon to go to your profile. Then click the Edit Profile button. Check the box next to Subscribe to Voice Calls. Then click the Update Profile button.


Resident Portal ACH Payments

I signed up for automatic payments, but it hasn't pulled from my bank. How do I know it is processing ok?

Log into the resident portal and go to the Recent Activity tab. Look for your payment based upon the date you scheduled it for.  Any payments that are in progress will show as “[Payment Pending]” in the description. When done processing through the banking Automatic Clearing House (ACH) system, it will show simply as “Payment” as the description.

Do not make an additional payment if you see [Payment Pending]. Allow the payment to process. 

If you do not see your payment pending in your recent activity, contact with your name, property, and details regarding your payment. Our team will assist in you.

Recent Activity Payment Pending

How come my utility payments are not being made, even though I signed up for automatic payments?

If your property has utilities billed through your account, we advise you to set up automatic payments so that both your rent payment and your utilities are scheduled for the 1st of the month.

If a rent payment is made before the first of the month, they payment is automatically applied to the utilities first, and therefore results in a $0 balance on the utilitiy portion, leaving a balance on the rent.

Your Pay On date should look like this:

Utility Auto Payment FAQ


Walk In Payment System (WIPS) for Cash Payments

Is WIPS available for all Goldmark properties?

At this time the Amberwood Court, Beacon Hill, Griffin Court and Rosedale Apartment Communities are eligible. This system will be added to other properties on a future date.

What is the Walk In Payment System (WIPS)?

This system allows residents to pay with cash by going to a participating PayNearMe location.

I would like to make a cash payment. How do I obtain my WIPS PaySlip?

WIPS numbers are automatically generated for our residents and you should have recently received an email from with the subject ‘New WIPS Account Number Generated’.

The easiest way to find it is by logging into our resident portal. Go to the Payment Account tab and you will find a link for your details.

You can also contact your community office to email or print the information for you.

Do I need a new WIPS number for each payment?

No. Your unique WIPS number is specific to you and your apartment home as long as you continue to live in that apartment. You will not need a new WIPS number until you choose to move into another Goldmark managed apartment home.

How long does it take to activate a WIPS number?

After you receive your WIPS number, it can take up to 24 hours for the WIPS number to be active and recognized by the PayNearMe location.

Are there any fees associated with making a cash WIPS payment?

The PayNearMe agent will charge a nominal non-refundable fee of $3.99 to process the payment. Goldmark Property Management does not charge an additional fee nor receives any portion of the $3.99 charged by PayNearMe.

How do I find an approved 'Pay Near Me' location?

Approved locations include CVS, Casey’s General Store and 7-Eleven. To find all available locations for your
area go to:

What do I need to show the 'Pay Near Me' agent when making a payment?

A paper copy of the PaySlip or the mobile barcode will need to be presented to the agent. The WIPS number is encoded in the barcode and is required to apply the payment to your account. Some states may require a photo ID.

How can I get a mobile barcode?

There are two ways to obtain your mobile barcode. If you elect to have the community office print your WIPS number, the barcode will be embedded in your PaySlip. If you have an email on file, Goldmark will automatically email you your mobile barcode. The email will come from

Will the PayNearMe Agent know how much I owe on my account?

No. You will need to obtain the balance owed by logging into your resident portal or contacting your site office. The cash payment less the non-refundable service fee of $3.99 will be applied to your account.

Can my roommate(s) have a WIPS number to pay their share of rent?

Yes. The WIPS number is specific to an individual and an apartment home. Partial payments are accepted;
therefore, each resident is eligible to make a full or partial payment towards the amount due.

I don’t know my exact account balance, can I pay a different amount?

Yes. The PayNearMe agent will accept any amount less the non-refundable service fee of $3.99.

What is the maximum amount that can be accepted by the PayNearMe agent?

The maximum payment that can be accepted is $2,000.

Will the PayNearMe agent accept any other forms of payment such as debit card or credit card?

Most PayNearMe agents only accept cash. However, some agents may accept debit cards. You will need to confirm acceptable forms of payment with the PayNearMe agent.

When does Goldmark Property Management receive confirmation of my WIPS payments?

Payments made before 7pm local time will appear on your account the next day and will have a post date the same day you made the payment. Payments made at a PayNearMe location after 7pm local time will post to your account the following day and will be visible on your account the day after the post date.

What if the 'Pay Near Me' agent is unable to help me process my payment, who do I contact?

The PayNearMe agents are trained to assist you. In addition, the steps the agent needs to follow are included on the PaySlip you present to the agent. In the unlikely event they are unable to do so, you will need to contact your community office. Please provide the community office with the details of the scenario including what PayNearMe location, day, time, WIPS number and description of the problem. Goldmark will work with our PayNearMe contacts to resolve the issue.

Will Goldmark continue to accept Check or Money Order payments?

We encourage our residents to make payments either online through the resident portal or by taking advantage of the new WIPS options to efficiently and quickly post payments to your account. In the event you are unable to make a payment online or pay at a PayNearMe location, a check or money order can be accepted at the community office.

How is my WIPS payment applied to open charges?

Payments will apply to open charges in the following order: 1) any fees due (pet, late, NSF); 2) repair, damage, cleaning expenses; 3) rent/pet rent.

What if I pay more than is due on my account, can I get a refund?

No. Any overpayment will be a credit on your account.

What if I am moving to another Goldmark managed apartment home? Do I need a new WIPS number?

Yes. A new WIPS number will need to be generated for your new apartment home. Each WIPS number is
associated with a specific unit. Contact your community office to receive your new WIPS number.

I am no longer a Goldmark resident but have a balance due. Can I continue to pay on my account using my WIPS number?

Yes. As long as the WIPS number is active, a payment can be made at a PayNearMe location with the WIPS number.

What if I forget or lose my WIPS number?

In the event you misplace your WIPS number, please contact your community office for assistance.

Text to Pay FAQs

How do I sign up for Text to Pay

You will need to sign up within our Resident Portal.

  1. Opt in to SMS Alerts from the resident portal home page. You will receive a SMS message.
  2. Reply “Y” to the automatic message to confirm opt in.
  3. Set up your security PIN.
    1. In the resident portal, click on your Profile Icon.
    2. Under User Settings, select the row corresponding to Text to Pay and click Payments.
    3. Enter a unique PIN and select the desired payment account.
    4. Click Save.

You are now set to make payments.

How do I text to pay?

To make a payment, send the message “Pay Now” to 85938. Follow the prompts to confirm payment amount with your PIN.

What other info can I get via text?

You can text the following commands to 85938:

  • Menu – Replies with supported commands: Profile, Balance, Stop
  • Profile – Replies with your community office contact information
  • Balance – Replies with your current account balance
  • Pay Now – Replies asking you to confirm payment amount with your PIN
  • Stop – Opts out of all SMS notifications including Text to Pay